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Client Reviews
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5) Sam  Female
Montpellier, France Location
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Sunday, 24 April 2016 14:08 Host: pai34-1-82-224-145-12.fbx.proxad.net

You don't have to be depressed or have mental problems to seek therapy. Therapy of any kind, to me is wanting to do yourself some good, wanting to heal or wanting to grow.

When I made the decision to go talk to Suke, it was because I wasn't comfortable with the emotions that were surfacing in my relationship with my partner and wanted to explore them, using a tried and tested methodology, and being able to benefit from the years of experience Suke has. It was also very important for me to carry out this therapy in my mother tongue - English - but because Suke like me is fluent in French from a young age, she understands those words that come up that are hard to translate into English!!

Suke didn't push me to come a certain amount of times per week or month. There was no time pressure, which allowed me to find my own rhythm.

I felt that Suke helped me to grow out of the child-like emotions that were getting in the way of being a happy adult woman. She guided me in my quest to become more "me" smile And it took less than 10 sessions to come to the conclusion that I was now on the right track emotionally - again no pressure from her, I was free to decide that for myself.

She is a generous, kind and fun person. She is very honest and genuine and I found I could talk to her about everything and anything. The methodology she uses helps to structure thoughts that are out of control and she helped me see the difference between which were "parasite" emotions and which were real and should be listened to.

I know that Suke is still there if I need her. She also gave me extremely valuable advice recently on my pre-teenage son. Just knowing she is there is a great comfort!

Thank you again for all your help, Suke! You are one in a million !!
4) marilyn brooks 
Uzes Location
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Monday, 29 February 2016 11:03 Host: AMontpellier-556-1-153-147.w109-210.abo.wanadoo.fr

I sought out Suke in mid 2013 during a bad episode of bipolar depression and anxiety. I felt cut-off and isolated so decided to look for a psychologist to help me through the worsening episodes. I'd had a negative experience with CBT in the nineties in England so I went to the appointment with some negative as well as optimistic feelings but I immediately felt at ease and reassured enough to trust Suke and 'have a go'. She made me feel willing to take that risk.I needed an English speaker and her site Suke sounded both approachable and professional and she's been both throughout.
There's been a lot of homework (exposure practice, cognitive restructuring and activity charts). The pace and level of exposure practice was negotiable. Our interaction has been key to success and I feel that I'm contributing to my own well-being and through CBT I've learnt that change can and does become possible by working at it regularly.
I've been able to incorporate simple but satisfying activities like keeping gratitude cards and daily activity schedules because Suke convincingly showed how they work by making changes in the working of the brain. Fascinating and persuasive. CBT gave me 'evidence' that I wasn't always depressed as I remembered so I felt more in control of the reality of my health and more optimistic about the possibility of change.
During my ECT treatment last year I became extremely anxious about its procedures, long-term effects and even the practical aspects (interaction with the staff and the other French patients etc).Suke looked into the practical side and gave advice.
Last year I found the side-effects of my medication so distressing that, after 40 years of changing tablets, I began considering stopping all of it for good. As a consequence, Suke helped me decide that I needed to be hospitalised and readily liaised with my psychiatrist beforehand.I doubt if I could have agreed to this on my own.

I can now stand back and think that I don't have to follow distressing thoughts to their conclusion, or do this, or de like this. I can feel more optimistic about my future. Now we're looking back to my early impressions. I hope this shows how adaptable Suke is.

I've seen many professionals since 1974 and Suke has been the first to openly believe me as well as believe in me. I can highly recommend Suke. I wish I'd found her 40 yeas ago!
Marilyn Brooks
3) Trudie Hall  Female
Marseillan, France Location
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Friday, 5 February 2016 21:24 Host: AMontpellier-555-1-165-123.w90-57.abo.wanadoo.fr

After an accident, some three and a half years ago, I was suffering from depression and anxiety and felt that i really needed professional help in dealing with the problems I was facing. Sifting through the internet for information I came across the "Counselling in France" website which gives the names and qualifications of English-speaking counsellors in France and also, most helpfully, explains the various therapies in general use nowadays and their application to mental health problems.

Amongst the counsellors in my region of France I saw Suke Ryder's name and, on reading her CV, I immediately felt that her therapeutic approach and training sounded exactly what I was looking for to help me work through my problems. As Suke explains in her CV, her main approach is based on CBT, but she merges this with contributions from others therapies depending on her clients' needs. I found her use of CBT very effective in my case. I would describe it as a practical, hands-on therapy which involved my own efforts under her direction from the beginning. Besides the invaluable face-to-face interaction of the talking therapy, I was set daily tasks to do at home which, in combination, helped me towards insights (some of them very unwelcome !) into the nature of my patterns and habits. Suke knew just when I needed encouragement to continue, and when it was necessary to "tighten the reins" and gently, but firmly, to tell me off.

My fortnightly sessions with her were enormously rewarding and helpful and, borrowing a trendy phrase, life-enhancing. I had found travelling to Montpellier rather difficult and the latter part of my treatment was conducted on Skype, which proved to be a very satisfactory and beneficial solution for me.

I think the relationship between therapist and client is a crucial part of therapy and was, for me, of paramount importance. I did not turn into a carefree, happy-go-lucky individual overnight, but working with Suke, I have learnt to apply reality-checks to my anxieties and to face and understand my depression better and perhaps even to learn to accept how my behaviour patterns work !

Thank you Suke.
2) Rachel  Female
Montpellier, France Location
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Monday, 25 January 2016 14:41 IP:

Over the past 4 years, Suke has been my voice of reason on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. She has a knack for getting to the source of a problem, asking the right questions, and providing real practical solutions to getting where you need to (over time and with work, of course).

I first contacted her because she speaks English (having just moved to France and not feeling fluent enough to fully express deep emotions) but I never felt that I was settling because of limited choice. She is insightful, direct, but concerned and caring at the same time. I sincerely cannot recommended her highly enough.
1) Hannah Lewis  Female
Leeds, UK Location
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Saturday, 9 January 2016 15:25 Host: cpc19-seac20-2-0-cust77.7-2.cable.virginm.net

I have struggled with depression, anxiety, OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder for many years. I moved to Montpellier in September 2014 as part of my university course and soon slipped into a depressive episode. When I first met Suke, I was barely functioning. I wouldn't get out of bed, I wouldn't eat properly, I wouldn't wash - I was basically a zombie.

Through a combination of CBT and talking therapy, by the time I left France in June I was a completely different person. I was the happiest I've ever been, and I owe a lot of that to Suke.

Suke and I saw each other on a weekly basis, and she got to understand the way my brain worked. She helped me to understand the irrational vs the rational and helped me to understand that the depression wasn't my fault, and by taking small steps my functioning improved.

We then tackled some of my anxiety issues, and Suke helped me to challenge some of my core beliefs and I found myself facing my worst fears.

Therapy can be quite a daunting prospect, especially when you're aware that by using CBT you're going to have to take steps to face your anxieties. Suke made this process comfortable, manageable and in the end successful.

Now back in the UK, I'm having trouble to find a therapist who matches up to Suke. I'll forever stay grateful for the work we achieved together and I strongly recommend Suke to anybody else who is struggling with their mental health.
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